Our Services

PayME has three main business lines:

e-File Form 941, Form 940 - Payroll-filing Made Easy

PayME’s innovative on-line process allows users to quickly, accurately and securely complete payroll tax returns on-line.

Our system is a straightforward, simple alternative to the “solutions” provided by other companies. There is no need to download and configure software, or first create a username/password. Using a button-based navigation system, we provide an intuitive, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution. Let us help you. Try us.

e-Pay Taxes - Payments Made Easy

PayME can handle all your IRS payments by processing them on your behalf. We can handle payments for virtually every IRS form. It’s easy!

Payroll Services - Payroll Made Easy

PayME offers an affordable payroll solution that makes payroll fast and easy. We have no software to download, or complicated platforms to confuse you.

We provide a straightforward service, with easy to use charts. We use an automated system that provides you with the critical information you need, when you need it.