Our Services

At PayME, Payroll-filing Made Easy, we’re passionate about simplifying processes to challenge the status quo, even in the world of payroll tax compliance.

e-File Form 941, Form 940 - Payroll-filing Made Easy

PayME’s innovative on-line process allows users to quickly, accurately and securely complete payroll tax returns on-line.

Our system is a straightforward, simple alternative to the “solutions” provided by other companies. There is no need to download and configure software, or first create a username/password. Using a button-based navigation system, we provide an intuitive, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.

e-File Forms 944, 1099-NEC and W-2

Our sister company Tax Me, LLC offers innovative e-filing solutions to allow you to simply and efficiently e-file Form 944, Form 1099-NEC and Form W-2.

e-Pay Tax Payments - Payments Made Easy

Partnering with our sister company Tax Me, LLC, we can handle all your employment tax payments. It’s easy!


Our passion: Payroll-filing Made Easy. Try us. We believe you’ll feel the difference!