Payroll-filing Made Easy - The Advantages of e-Filing Payroll Forms

Our Process - No usernames, passwords, faxes, or IRS-issued PINs required. e-File entirely online in minutes using a 5-digit PIN you choose, plus an online signature. Easy. Accurate. Secure.

Save Time - Quickly submit your payroll forms in a matter of minutes while avoiding a trip to the post office.

Save Money - No need to pay those extra mailing costs to file your return by priority mail or return receipt.

Reduce Mistakes - Our online system automatically calculates the tax due, and even checks your math to prevent those avoidable errors.

Increase Security - Our e-File submission process uses the latest encryption methods to ensure your personal information stays private.

Instant Notification - Get instant notification that your return has been submitted, followed by an email with the IRS confirmation details (typically within 48 hours).