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About PayME

At PayME, LLC ("PayME"), Payroll-filing Made Easy, we’re passionate about simplifying processes to challenge the status quo. Our re-imagined payroll compliance process is so different, the IRS initially struggled to classify it within its existing framework (but now embrace it).

We set out to help Small Business Owners (or their accountants) e-file their quarterly payroll tax returns entirely online in minutes and crafted an industry-first solution that requires NO IRS-issued 10-digit PIN (which is entirely new in the marketplace), and no subscription, contract, username/password or software to download and configure. The simplicity is unmatched. We use a crisp, custom-designed, button-based process that keeps the end user in mind. We eliminated wasted steps and created an intuitive, efficient process that we completely control from submission to the IRS acknowledgement (typically within two hours and guaranteed within 24 hours, provided the IRS site is operational). Underpinning the entire process is uncompromised security, seamlessly integrated so you don’t feel its impact (but it’s there). Easy. Accurate. Secure.

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Our passion: Payroll-filing Made Easy. Try us. We believe you’ll feel the difference.

About Ivan Silva

Ivan Silva has a passion for process improvement without compromising security. He is a software developer, accounting entrepreneur, co-founder of PayME and founder of our sister company Tax Me, LLC. A Queens College (NY) graduate, he has over 20 years of experience in tax law and accounting, specializing in payroll services, data engineering and process automation.

About Damian Karjane

Damian Karjane has a similar passion for process improvement and security. He is a Virginia-based tax attorney and co-founder of PayME. Also licensed in New York and Massachusetts, he has earned degrees and diplomas from Lafayette College, Rutgers - Camden Law School, Boston University School of Law, and the University of Limerick, Ireland, School of Business.

About PayME

PayME, a data collection website, is a registered site of Tax Me, LLC, which is an Authorized IRS e-file Provider, and is approved by the IRS as a Software Developer, Transmitter and Electronic Return Originator (ERO) for the 94x family of returns, specifically Form 941: Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Form 940: Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return.