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We’ve got you covered, whether you want to file your payroll tax returns electronically using our on-line wizard, whether you simply want to e-pay the IRS, or whether you want a simple solution to run your payroll. Try us

The best way to prepare and file your payroll returns

With our innovative step-by-step process, PayME makes preparing and filing your payroll returns easy. Our on-line wizard walks you through the process from beginning to end. The system automatically calculates the tax due, and even checks the math to prevent those avoidable errors.

Need more information? Just want to see how it works? Check out our video.

Payroll-filing Made Easy -How does the online e-File process work?

  • STEP 1. Select the Service - From the PayME homepage, choose e-File and then select the payroll form you want filed (i.e., Form 941 or Form 940).
  • STEP 2. Enter Form Information - Enter your employer details using our online wizard that walks you through the process.
  • STEP 3. Make Payment - Enter your payment information using a secure, encrypted system.
  • STEP 4. Final Review - Download your form for final review. Keep making changes until you are completely satisfied.
  • STEP 5. Submit Your Form - Once satisfied, click Accept as Complete to submit your form for processing. We’ll take it from here.
  • STEP 6. Confirmation - Get instant notification that your return has been submitted, followed by an email with the IRS confirmation details (typically within 48 hours).